Chairman of the Home Intel Comm. Nunes (R) No improper contact between Trump’s individuals & Russia

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9 Comments on "Chairman of the Home Intel Comm. Nunes (R) No improper contact between Trump’s individuals & Russia"

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John Townsend

Bullshit! … it's obvious that Putin won trump the election and expects pay back. It's also obvious that trump isn't forthcoming on what he knows and when he knew it. And most troubling is Priebus et al running interference with the FBI to thwart its investigation. Treasonous malfeasance now looms as a real possibility.

Jim Wilson

Absolutely no hope that this guy or this committee will do it's job properly, partisan and clueless.

Kaleigh MacKay

wow, investigation isnt done and hes already called it. oh and he was told to go out and talk to the press. hmmmmm , has to be good to be able to pay or bribe your departments in to lying for you

balort santa

Putin paid him to STFU.

joyce d

What "Trump had no improper contact with Russia"  How many times did the guy have to say that.  The media is really going into a witch hunt here. They are just sad that Trump didn't have any improper contact with Russia.


why the hell isn't it okay to speak to russians? seems like anyone that wants to speak to anyone in russia should be able to, from janitors to presidents. what is mainstream's problem? we SHOULD have a political relationship with all other countries, and hopefully a friendly one.

jo l

so their is no evidence that proves any wrong doing seams inocent to me.

Michael SAcco

partisan lying hack


I predict Devin Nunes will leave the department for the private sector in 2 years. I predict his bank account will grow. I predict certain people with money will wish to purchase a lovely asset like Devin Nunes .
Then, after 4 years, when they dump him and his high salary, so he will write a book.
The 1% will earn an extra 50 billion in tax cuts.
Devin Nunes will be forgotten.
This story is getting tiresome.