Cheeseburgers, Lotto and Tv: Marine Le Pen and the French Election

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And it appears like there will likely be one other go at one thing different to the political establishment in Europe. Whether or not this will likely be profitable this time stays to be …


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Some stuff : • I lived in the "no go zone" of the no go zones, namely the 93 Saine Saint Denis, in the north of Paris, where people do not go. Can tell you, if people actually did go there, they would see police actually DO go there, and do go there a lot, especially by night. You'll see a lot of plain cloth cops, as uniforms stir unecessary troubles, and the police employs "grands frères", litterally "big brothers" – basically people hired in the suburbs, as a medium between risk people and the police. It's not heaven on… Read more »


No no no no.
They are called "Royales with cheese".

Endangered Thesis

Make a movie review video for Get Out.

richard barndon
12/4/17 MARINE LE PEN—————WILL SAVE FRANCE FROM NWOHer: TRUTH LIFTS THE DARK CURTAIN OF THE NWO "USA" Now: Trump: Is totally sabotaged by NWO Jews and NWO 666/Chip/ Pushers/Imposers!! 666 Agents are in control of the WHITE HOUSE/TRUMP. REF JARED KUSHNER Sure sounds like 666 NWO evil stuff. *YES: THEY HAVE A MIND CONTROL-HYPNOSIS- computer (CHIP) implant, ALL PLANNED JUST FOR YOU!! LOOK *First they will soon create lots of 'chaos' to force you to chip, entice you or trick you! Expect (Surprize) Deception. *For starters: (No-Taking) of the coming mind control shopping –surveillance shopping (Convenience) RFID chip means: NO… Read more »
waldemar maier
Les libéraux sont des gens très corrompus. Ils ont travaillé avec le régime des dictateurs pour obtenir de l'argent et d'autres avantages, parce que même ils ne sont pas ce que de jouer dans une position. La pointe de l'iceberg sont les Hillary Clinton avec l'Arabie Saoudite Roi et l'ex-chancelier Schröder avec le président russe Vladimir Poutine. Dans la région centrale sont déjà si totalement à korrumpier même prix Nobel de la paix, sans spécifier la performance de l'ex-président américain Obama. Sur les fausses nouvelles déjà aujourd'hui-président américain Trump a dit assez.Trump est le dernier espoir fini ces collective mensongères… Read more »
I agree on that an more peaceful solution to the problem would be to prefer then an more aggressive one. That being said so when will this point of no return be ?It's different for each nation but it could be something to think about.For France, say that Le Pen don't win now what will happen next ?When will this tipping point be for the France majority population and will it ever happen before they fallen to deep to save it. It's obvious that the globalist politicians are scurrying along as fast as they can now to push in as… Read more »
Arse smith

dark days ahead. radicals produce more radicals.

i think its more a matter of scope than apathy. its hard for an individual to grasp the enormity of the political stage.
its also funny that people often turn to politics as escapism. the fox news or right wing radio crowd.


Man I was eating a cheeseburger listening to this

Bernard Tharme

The point is you like to hear yourself talk,boring.

Inner Harmony

The election is not "complicated" by 2 rounds though. A second round only becomes necessary if there is no candidate with >50% of votes in the first round.


Stardusk, not to contradict your point of view, it should be noted that Syria was a French colony between 1920 to 1946 as a result of the break up of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI.

bob s

The French is needs the problems to relieve there boredom .

Trevor Cormier

Why does LePen look like she is offering someone a BJ?


I dislike her and NF association with zionists and their rhetoric catering to Israel and jews…

French Honey Badger

Marine Le Pen is basically a socialist that wants to get out of the European Union and close the borders, she's called far right because calling her a socialist would actually endear her to the french people more.

Pragmatical Observer
There is almost no point in making this video. Le pen has 0% chance of winning. The outcome will certainly be E. Macron. He's a rothshild G.Soros bankster. He will just continue the policies of president Hollande. There have been massive social unrest in France the last years. But as you say it, people are put to sleep and their bread&games is not in danger yet. The story of the frog that is slowly cooked in water…Also son't forget that France is already a de facto African country. It's a not the cultural highlight France anymore of the '60s. It's… Read more »

I enjoyed the Morgan Freeman impression

Kyle Spence

Fahrenheit 451: everyone was so doped up on menial pleasures that they didnt even know a nuclear strike was coming.


This whole fake far right narrative cracks me up. Logically speaking if there did exist a far right then they would have taken control of the mainstream media and politics which they haven't so it's complete nonsense. It's the left that controls the mainstream media and politics.


I'm not optimistic about her chances especially after the Netherlands. Yes there is a rise of the right wing / libertarian parties but as you have said so many times mainland Europe is different from the likes of the UK.

Le Pen might surprise us but I certainly don't think France seems to care enough about the problems they are facing. The overwhelming attitude seems to be one of this so called defiance and unity in the face of terrorism and how they will not let the actions of a few divide a proud and multicultural France blah, blah, blah.

Davy Jade



I live in France and there is little to no chance of her wining as French people are so cucked,brainwashed and deluded into socialism that they are welcoming their own demise with their arms wide open and large smiles upon their unsuspecting cattle like faces.
Such a gutless nation only deserves what's coming to them,they deserve to die if they fail to find pride in their history,land and culture.

Cyrus the Virus

I moved from New York City to Hawai'i and replaced my lotto, cheeseburgers, and television with hiking, going to the beach, and snorkeling. However I still game about as much as I did on the mainland.

Raging Golden Eagle

It's the same with censorship. Nobody seems to give a shit when stuff they don't care about is being censored (or worse, they support it), they only start caring when THEIR stuff is on the chopping block.


George Orwell once noted that despite the bitter poverty which affected many Britons during the great depression, fomenting revolutionary sentiments; Britain was nonetheless spared falling victim to it because of fish & chips and the cinema.

Mental Gear

well if the champagne socialists dont cease their faggotry the trucks of peace will never stop


I made a video about Le Pen's polling

MrCool Mug

I don't eat cheeseburgers, I don't put money on the Irish, and I don't watch telly. I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat meat, I don't have a job. I don't like circuses, and I only eat brown bread.