China making ready to TEAM UP with North Korea in World Battle three, army knowledgeable warns – DAILY NEWS

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11 Comments on "China making ready to TEAM UP with North Korea in World Battle three, army knowledgeable warns – DAILY NEWS"

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rule Britannia

Listen I want this shit nipped in the bud, we need a good clear out so lets get it on, but can we please just wait untill after fucking christmas because ive put my decorations up now , usa,uk, for life

ken windrum

America will drop one bomb on China that will finish them -This will teach Russians a lesion not to inter fear in this on less the want one as well…

Karl 729T

china doesnt need to team up with north korea. north koreans by themselves can kill 90% of americans, why would china need to go in, north korea strong enough alredy


USA drops one nuke, and the USA will receive about 2000 from China Russia and 1 from North Korea

Thomas Dobyns

Either China wants a nuclear war or not. North Korea can NOT keep nuclear weapons and missiles and threaten half the world with using them. Either China helps the USA or fights the USA. The USA wants no part of control of North Korea. The decision should be an easy one.

Jonjam J

If china thinks kims worth it I say lets do it.US will not be held Hostage By fat man Kim


I disagree with the video. I'm sure that China is fed up with Kim Jong Un and are making plans to kill him and put a more trustworthy leader in that they can keep on a leash! and control.



Daniel Gontar

I knew this was going to happen. This is all part of a plan by the elites to bring in the NWO. They'll start WWIII here and global government at a certain point will have to be instituted to create peace.

Dunning Kruger

USA…. you are in for a big loss. Ignorance …

George Blisson

Good, they need hitting them cunts also, China has done nothing to help world peace, WW1 and WW11, NO WERE TO BE SEEN, ISIS, not a single shot, yet they want to benefit of the wests success, fucking dog eating cunts, YOU WILL ALLL DIE, just try us ya weak dog eating cunts.
So dont tease us,. have a go so you can SUFFER!