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Civ 5 (Mods) – WWII Free-For-All, Round 2 – Episode 28 "F#@k It, Let's Make Some Mushrooms"

Well, folks, it’s time to take another swing at one of the historically most popular series on the channel: the WW2 FFA! This time, it’s bigger and better, with 12 Modded Civs in a quasi-Pacific theater and a whole host of new possibilities, with Future Worlds technology in the wings for any soul brave enough to grab for it! Who’s going to come out on top in this particular revisionist history melee? Join us and find out!

Mod Info:
JFD (and Janboruta’s) Civs:
Colonialist Legacies:
More Civs:
Uighur_Caesar’s China:
Future Worlds:
Events and Decisions:
More Luxuries:
More Pantheons – Addon:
More Great Works:
Nero’s Great Works of Music:
Great Musicians of Classic Rock ’50s-’70s [BNW]:
Mercenary Army Expanded:
Enhanced User Interface [EUI]:
Vanadius’s Indonesia:

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7 months ago

By that title, I thought you lost the vote and just decided to nuke everybody. Also, I bet the Soviet ships near Sendai were going up to St. John's.

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