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Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chambers an In Depth Review

We take a closer look into acrylic vacuum chambers, what they are used for, the advantages and disadvantages of using a clear acrylic vac chambers for vacuum applications, what to look for when buying one, and where to purchase one.

An acrylic vacuum chamber is, as the name implies, a vacuum chamber that is built from the acrylic polymer. The acrylic panels are specialty machined, prepared, and glued (or welded) in such a way to create an air tight seal between the walls. There is a lot of know-how and engineering that goes into the process of fabricating a quality chamber. In the end, the final product can be used as a vacuum chamber. Acrylic vacuum chambers are preferable over its metallic counterparts due to the fact that acrylic is fully transparent, cost effective, and versatile meaning that it can be used in a plethora of vacuum applications.

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Kiyoshi Furuya
Kiyoshi Furuya
8 months ago

Im curious to know if a vacuum chamber place in the ocean. Would the objects in th chamber be affected by the outside water pressure? Part of my anti gravity research.

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