CNN Anchor having actual issues attempting to argue with former Republican Congressman Pete Hockstra

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Initially learn “FOX” Ought to have been CNN–apologies.


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Gary Ryan

It don't matter what Trump does . If he gave you the best gift you ever dreamed of. You people would say it's a bribe or some bullshit. It just don't matter. But Obama does not even have a birth certificate and you all love this guy. This guy who sends drones to other countries and kills innocent people. You are all sick fucked up people

scooby doo

I'm glad he's a former, and not current government representative

George Milford

Putin has certain admirable qualities none of which are not consistent with American values and government….so Putin as a dictator , thug and despot is admirable to Trump mmmm


Ant to contain and fight radical islamic jihad is by waging war on Iran? The country whose role saved Baghdad from being besieged from 3 sides and falling?

The AJ Display

DJT don't care about these people. The day they figure this out is gonna suck, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Abdulai Bah

This is sad and very frustrating.

Jonathan Herbert

trump supporters have zero integrity, dear Lord it's like a cult ..You do realise that you can be critical of the of the president. How many times did trump say Putin was better than Obama, how many times did republicans slang Obama openly, but no fuhrer trump is all way right in your eyes ffs

Christopher Swope

Republicans believe that Islamic radicals with hypothetical WMD are more dangerous than real WMD that are really pointed at the US.

Patricia Bell

What an asshole. He's defending the indefensible

Christian Favier

This is CNN tho…