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CoralVue Q&A: Owner of Battlecorals Adam Derickson – $1000 Live Coral Giveaway + Coral Growing TIps!

#battlebox1000 #coralvue #CVtvLIVE
Join us LIVE on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with special guest Adam Derickson. Adam is the founder of Battlecorals, an online coral shop known for high-quality aquacultured corals from Adam’s personal collection.

We’ll quiz Adam to find out his secrets to growing “The Finest SPS” corals so you can try his techniques in your home aquarium.

We’ll also debunk common myths about growing corals, learn what it’s like to be a professional coral farmer, and answer questions live from viewers.

Best of all, we’ll be giving away a $1,000 Battlebox of corals! But you have to tune in LIVE your chance to win!
What is your favorite type of lighting, and do you see a difference in color or growth between the different types? Is there a particular par you try to achieve?

Where do you come up with the names? Why Pearly Cadaver (Cherub, HuneyBear R2R)

What factors should a hobbyist consider before buying corals?

What should a Battle Corals customer do when they receive their new corals?

What are your favorite NEW pieces in your collection?

What is your favorite all-time favorite Battle Coral?

How has the pandemic affected BC operations? Example: shipping (Kremins R2R)

Other than your website, what other avenues can people see interact with you? example Instagram

What is your secret sauce? Where do you like to keep your parameters?

What aspect of growing SPS corals made it a passion for you? (SPS only R2R)

What is your take on nutrient import and export for coral health? (mfollen R2R)

How did the name Battle Corals come about, and what does your family think of your business? (The Camaro Show R2R)

How often do you get new corals into aquaculture? (The Camaro Show R2R)

I know you are an SPS Jedi. However, from time to time, do you still get SPS issues such as RTN and STN that you are totally caught off-guard by?

What specifically do you look for when considering wild or mariculture broodstock coral for development and propagation at Battlecorals? And what it is your selection success rate?

What CoralVue product do you use that makes the most difference in your systems? (Peace River R2R)

If you have never purchased a Battlebox, why should you? (tehmadreefer R2R)

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2 months ago

Adam is awesome.

Karl Mullinax
Karl Mullinax
2 months ago

Enjoyed the stream hope you have Adam on agian soon!

John Barger
John Barger
2 months ago

So I assume the Q&A raffle entry isn't viable anymore? man, I wish I had checked this morning!

Thank you guys for doing this stream, I enjoyed it a ton!
God bless you!

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