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Co­ry Bo­oker to­ta­lly SLAMM­ED by the Pa­nel for Ba­cki­ng Ca­stro to 'Dirty' ATTACK Biden

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Kelly T
Kelly T
8 months ago

The voters like Joe..he is such a good guy..who is a millionaire that will never give your families HEALTHCARE….WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT HIM?! Because he stands straight,white,with a nice haircut?! He is bought and paid for and you people are OFFENDED that Joes feelings were hurt?! HE DOES NOT CARE IF YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR HOME TO PAY FOR YOUR CHILDS CANCER BATTLE…WHAT A NICE GUY WHO BAILED OUT THE FUCKIN BANKS WHILE YOU ALL LOST YOUR HOMES!DAM are Americans dimwits.You do not deserve free Healthcare like we have here in Canada.Joe is

Bob Pineo
Bob Pineo
8 months ago

What a joke CNN is they are the arm pit of the news shows they don't get any thing right pocahontas was hilarious and uncle Joe Biden is senile what a bunch of clowns

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