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Cost Optimization – EC2 Right Sizing in AWS

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) offers a wide variety of instance types and sizes, giving customers the flexibility to right size compute resources to meet their business needs. The Yotascale recommendations module is able to leverage detailed usage data to help determine how to right size instances to meet the requirements of a given workload.

Yotascale cost optimization is built on ML and AI models that allow you to quickly rightsize Amazon EC2 Instances that have low utilization with detailed recommendations for the most cost-effective instances. In this webinar you will get an overview of the solution as well as high-level best practices for optimizing your Amazon EC2 costs.

Watch to learn how to:

• Apply AI techniques to determine the best infrastructure combination
• Group workloads based on autoscale groups or any tag combination
• Maximize cost savings and infrastructure performance

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