Critics cannot deal with Melania Trump’s Anti-bullying Marketing campaign. #MelaniaTrump #POTUS #DonaldTrump

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4 Comments on "Critics cannot deal with Melania Trump’s Anti-bullying Marketing campaign. #MelaniaTrump #POTUS #DonaldTrump"

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Melania, you are a blessing to AMERICA, keep up your hard work don't let the haters get to you. I believe you are going to one of the best first ladies ever. you show so much grace even though theres always someone trashing you, your a perfect example of being bullied constantly, so taking this anti-bulling campaign head on is just another way you show AMERICAN people you do love our country, and that you care for the people, all the people, no matter what race or color , you show that all lives matter, and bulling is wrong on… Read more »

She is a bimbo.

Edgardo Rosa

Ms.Malania Congratulation for your great JOB. About the envy don"t worry ghetto people are in that way Do good & let GOD judge you. Please help MR. TRUMP . MAKE AMERICA. SAFE , STRONG , WEALTHY & GREAT AGAIN.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸weeeeeee. & Don"t worry the real job MR.TRUMP has is How make winner out of losers. weeeeeeee

Nadia Ali

Melania please start you’re Anti-Bullying Campaign with Husband first.