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Dark Theme Night Mode implementation in Android App | AndroidX | Android Night mode programmatically

This video shows how to implement night-mode or dark-mode coding in your android app.

There are 4 cases:
case 1: single Step process with res – style.xml

case 2: set app UI theme as per system settings – display – night mode – on or off

case 3: store User’s setting whether the NIGHT_MODE : Active or not Active Appdata stored in SharedPreference, next time set theme as per selection.

case 4: values-night and simple values folder settings. All cases are described as android tutorial with PPT and implementation in Android Studio with JAVA.

Make sure all cases are different, so; implement as per your requirement because it is android jetpack, so, Android Q is more better to create AVD Emulator to test it or upgraded handset.

It is perfect example to learn Android Night mode programmatically.
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