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David Webb interviewed by Robert Ringer

In this interview with Robert Ringer, David Webb once again shows why he has a reputation for being one of the calmest, most rational media personalities in America.

He first weighs in on the Democratic presidential field and how the candidates magnify the split in the Democratic Party. He also explains why he sees New Hampshire as very important to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, but why Iowa is not.

Webb says Amy Klobuchar “is done,” Beto is “pretty much gone,” and Pete Buttigieg, though he has a smooth delivery, “has no substance.” As to the other candidates, he dismisses them as having “never showed up.” Lastly, he chimes in on the possibility of Michael Bloomberg and Howard Schulz entering the race, and why he doesn’t believe Bloomberg can win but Schultz can.

On the Russian-collusion investigation, Webb gives his take on the people brought in to look at the Trump dossier and the threat to Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Susan Power, Huma Abedin, Sally Yates, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and even Barack Obama.

Regarding Christian Amanpour’s outrageous suggestion to shut down Trump supporters who yell, “Lock her up,” Webb dismisses her as “not really a journalist.” On the border crisis and Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, he shares his thoughts on the most important things the United States needs to do to bring the crisis under control.

Among other things, Webb also dissects the Radical Left’s socialist agenda, Charlottesville, the history of Antifa, racism, Stacy Abrams’ startling comment about identity politics, and why Republicans are so bad at messaging.

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1 year ago

I have never heard Webb before, he is a sharp analyst and will follow in the future

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