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Debate W/O Tulsi? Hamza Bin Laden Dead AOC On Fire Nikita Dragun Cultural Appropriation #Tulsi2020

Watch to the end for the funny 😀 Tlaib is an ugly, dog face, idiot! #wewillneverforget #tulsi2020 Hamza bin Laden (the son of Osama bin Laden) got dead finally, Libtards cry about an AOC picture used in a Republican ad to prove that Socialism sucks, Nikita Dragun apologizes for wearing braids because… only Black people are allowed to have braids nowadays? Felicity Huffman goes to prison, Beto can have my gun when we re-enact that scene from Tombstone, Lori Loughlin is going away for at least 5 years, not that any of us will miss her. I feel bad for Felicity Huffman 🙁 I love Tombstone. Molan Labe. 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. United States Marine Corps Infantry. US Marines.

MY 9/11 Tribute video:

#Betamale #Tulsi2020 #Wewillneverforget

Waco and Ruby Ridge are what happens when you try to forcibly take guns. Then you have idiots like Timothy McVeigh that blow up an Oklahoma City Building, killing innocent CHILDREN!!!! STFU Beta Fuck Face!!! Who is Nikita Dragun? Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy got a bad deal. Varsity Blues. Lori Loughlin. Friday 13th

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A. v.G.
A. v.G.
8 months ago

Great vid about Copmala 😱, if Tulsi suddenly appeared on debate stage🤣

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