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#DemDebate3 Review Part 2 (w/Jonathan Munitz) – The Cynical Centrist Podcast #18 (09/15/19)

Part 2 of the #DemDebate3 Review continues with special guest Jonathan Munitz from The Hill of Roses Podcast!

Jonathan Munitz’s #1: Elizabeth Warren or Andrew Yang? (0:50)
The New York Times is High (9:19)
538 Raw Data: Vote Consideration & Net Favorability Changes (11:12)
The Cynical Centrist’s Rankings (18:11)
How Will the Primary Look at the End of September? (31:27)
Andrew Yang’s Big Advantage Over the Democratic Field (39:19)
Why Do Some Conservatives Like Bernie Sanders? (43:36)
Closing Statements for #DemDebate3 (48:31)
The #YangGang Needs a Stronger Ground Game (54:52)


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