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DOJ looking into FUSION, AGAIN! & Beto supporters can't tell you why they support him!?

Hr 1: The DOJ is now investigating potential misconduct by U.S. intelligence agencies during the 2016 presidential campaign. AND… Kimberly Morin says, it doesn’t matter WHAT good things Trump does, they’re either not going to acknowledge it or are going to criticize it. AND… Why is it LGBT activists NEVER go into Jewish or Muslim bakeries and try to make them bake a cake?

Hr 2: It’s not all bad news. Uniformed Minnesota officer mows woman’s lawn after checking on her welfare. AND… Beto supporters can’t tell you why they support him!? OH! Except that one gal, NAILED IT! AND… Texas enacts free speech bill on college campuses

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Where TF is Nigbama in all of this?