Don Lemon and Panel on Basic McMaster

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Dennis Haggerty

if CNN like general in suspicious

Chad R

Rember when Sheriff Clark was on Don's show last year…god that was awesome. The failing fake news networks are fighting for their lives. Too bad so many people still rely on television news networks which are obviously controlled by sensationalism (at best) or subversive propaganda

D. Hanafin

If he's a good man he won't last.

Unga unga3fingerz

So good to see our GREAT President making another great pick. Even finding a Administration member that both sides can agree with
God Bless America

Joseph Skinner

The country, one month in, is fed up with this fake administration's lies, dysfunction, and incompetence. Shadow bureaucracies around our security and intelligence? How can bannon/trump loyalist accept this operation? This does not end well for our country, but especially for you.

Simon Evans

Has Don Lemon apologised to Paris Dennard yet for his outrageous bullying and censorship

Louis David

You the Idiots CNN are the confused lot the world is not