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Donald Trump BETRAYS Kurds, Pulls Troops from Syria – conure interviews Dylan Burns

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This is a segment from conure report episode 003, a special edition in which I interviewed Dylan Burns! Dylan is Former Director of the Maryland Mike Gravel Campaign and Foreign Policy Advisor to Mckayla Wilkes’ campaign for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.

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President Donald Trump has carried the torch on the age old tradition of the United States betraying the Kurds. The Syrian Kurds have been some of the most effective allies and ground fighters against ISIS in the middle east. A surprisingly small number of US troops in Northern Syria were acting as a buffer between Erdogan in Turkey’s aggression against the Syrian Kurds in the north. Rojava, in specific, has been a very interesting anarchism experiment in a region known for authoritarian theocratic regimes. However, once ” America First ” Trump pulled US soldiers out of the region, Erdogan was free to start shelling SDF positions across the border, in what was humorously called “Operation Spring of Peace”. Now, the Syrian Kurds are under incredible threat at the hands of Turkey in a very rare incidence where US presence was actually beneficial to the region they were occupying.

Dylan Burns joins ye old demsoc breadtube eboy in a Kurds explained segment, telling us what is Rojava, who are the Kurds, and everything else you might want to know about the region.

NOTE: I know the topic on the bottom right is wrong ): I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to atone for this most heinous of sins.

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7 months ago


James Dougherty
James Dougherty
7 months ago

Amazing vid…………………….. love u

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