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Donald Trump Calls Out Racism Against Whites And Accuses Al Sharpton Of Hating White People And Cops

This is a game changer. This is equally as important as TRUE free speech on the internet. Trump has finally called out racism against white people, long a taboo and forbidden subject.

The left cannot respond to this properly without exposing their hatred of them. They are playing OUR game, now.

Even the New York Times has to yield to the mighty Trump on this. Proof

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low roller scratcher
low roller scratcher

Why trump didn’t mention sharpton didn’t pay taxes

No Donating to Gossip or Entertainment For Me
No Donating to Gossip or Entertainment For Me

teach my asian brotha

Doc Sekzi
Doc Sekzi

The dishonesty of politics is digusting. I cannot imagine defaming my friend for money/optics.