DON’T Be part of the Navy if…

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I obtained a questions on my fb web page, which is and I wished y’all to listen to my reply. E-mail : …


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Erik Sanchez

Lol i get asked why i left los angeles too all the time. And i honestly dont regret leaving. All the travel ive done wouldnt of been possible without the army.

Aurora Borealis

I'm 17 & enlisted in July. Best decision ever. I go to Parris Island in the winter.

Sean Corcoran

I am so glad that I joined! It was a no brainer for me! Still a very informative video and I look forward to the next one

Allison Valenzuela

Still trying to join….been a dream of mine since highschool but weight and life held me back, still working out and getting a little closer to my goal each day I love your videos super inspiring especially when I get frustrated and lose motivation for a bit, keep up these videos they really do inspire people like me to keep pushing even though the motivation may have dwindled a bit these videos help a lot 👍🇺🇸

vernon crocker Jr

I cant imagine life without the military and am so glad I choice to raise my right hand

wendy jimenez

Can you join the army with one full sleeve tattoo on one arm ?

Kaela Creighton
I was in for three years. I was good for two of those years–and in a mental hospital after that. My main problems were that 1. I didn't take it seriously enough, thinking it was a free ticket to college. 2. I'm not patriotic at all (which is a semi-character flaw, I know). I won't mention the blog. Anyway, I had fun in the military, but it was too stressful for me. I'm glad people like you are there though. You're worth the training and money, and you're proving yourself and that women can handle it. Good job.

Great video. I’m one of those people you’re talking about. I hope to enlist at some point in 2018. Also, pineapples are good.

Donald Trump

Join the SS


What If i just want to join because i have no interest in college and want to help other people?

I have three reasons why I joined:1. I wanted to better myself mentally and physically. Although I did well in both attributes, I wanted to be better and have better discipline. 2. The school benefits. Even though I had a couple scholarships ready, they weren't enough to pay for my college stuff and I wanted to take full advantage of the G.I. bills. 3. Kinda of a shoddy reason, but a week before my grandfather passed away in 2015, he asked me if I was going to join the Army like my cousin, who just re-enlisted about a month or… Read more »
Maria Solano

Can you please do a video about people that want to join but have trouble with english ?


Thank you, had a rough day and this just reminded me to always remember that reason I’m here working to be the best and to keep embracing the suck and all it’s glory


I want to join so I could do something bigger than myself. I want to break out of my shell and experience the world… because right now i am in my parents house desperately looking for a job. The only thing holding me back is my weight. I need to lose 25 pounds. I'll get there by january of next year, then i'll raise my right hand… I freaking love this country

Scumbag Jay

Can't wait to join the Army National Guard

Clorox Bleach

Joining the U.S. ARMY

James G

are you going to stay in for a long time? if you only stay in for the 2 or 4 year contract do you get military, benefits

Alyssa Jay

Pineapples ARE good 🍍🍍