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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: How to build up resilience and keep burnout at bay

Jochen Lillich
Freistil It Ltd, Dublin, Ireland

Burnout is one of the biggest threats to building an engaged team. A recent study found that 95% of HR leaders admit that burnout is sabotaging their companies’ work quality and employee retention; yet there is no obvious solution on the horizon.

As a long-time IT manager in corporate and startup environments, I had to deal with burnout many times (both in myself and in team members). How can we stay sane and productive in a world of rapidly changing objectives? Well, if the answer was easy, we wouldn’t have to talk about it. And yes, we really have to talk about it.

In my talk, I’m going to share my experience with building resilience in myself and my team. Regardless if you’re a manager, an employee or self-employed, you’ll learn useful practices like:

* Recognising burnout symptoms
* Breaking out of the negative belief cycle
* Contributing to a healthy company culture
* Reducing time and resource pressure
* Restoring focus
* Building healthy relationships
* Dealing with change
* Developing lasting resilience

Even though mental health is a serious topic, this is going to be a light-hearted talk. I can share quite a few funny stories — most of them about my own mistakes. I’d love to share what they taught me!

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Slepton Gems
Slepton Gems
7 months ago
Slepton Gems
Slepton Gems
7 months ago

6:31 hero culture he says it's so true, in the company I once worked for just before a burnout in 2014, they used two put big panels in display at the entrance with heroic styled drawed figures representing different super heros for each profession of the company… this was so stupid. 14:14 is on point for the cure

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