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E954 Gentry Underwood, Navigator: AI asst for mtgs, sold Mailbox to Dropbox $100M, SV SaaS burnout

Gentry Underwood, Co-founder & CEO of Navigator, demos new AI assistant for meeting efficiency & teamwork, insights from selling Mailbox to Dropbox for $100M just 37 days after launching, SaaS burnout in SV, desktop v. mobile cognition, mastering form emerging from functionality

4:20 Why Gentry built Mailbox
16:25 Optimizing email for mobile
24:36 Best aesthetic designs in tech today
45:15 Origins of Navigator
48:52 Gentry demos Navigator
1:03:54 Importance of seating arrangements in board meetings

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David Summer
David Summer

How many people said "Montage" while watching this. . Jason, i watch all your pods. I want to see more MVP and first user stories. take care.

Asaf Jacovchak
Asaf Jacovchak

Hey Jason, have you invested in startups from Israel already?
It seems to me that you already appreciate the chutzpah of the Israeli entrepreneurs, and know that many more good things will come out of here.
What will it take for you to decide to come to Tel Aviv?

M Man
M Man

It'd be nice if Manchester becomes the next city to host Launch. Unfortunately, our political climate is in such a huge shamble. In fact, our Union and, most importantly, democracy are being jeopardised by few individuals with eerie and selfish agenda. I am certain Launch would boost and invigorate our startup ecosystem. Please look into MediaCityUK. Thank you, Jason & the team et. al

Shane Hummus
Shane Hummus

Nice content. Thanks for sharing this well researched content.