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Edible Thoughts Makes Episode 14: Taiwan, Well-Traveled Socks, Joy

Welcome to Edible Thoughts Makes. My name is Stephanie and in this video I share with you a recent adventure to Taiwan for Lunar New Year, completed socks, works in progress, and a pattern and yarn assigned to a project bag.

Closed captioning and video descriptions are included for accessibility (choose the non-auto-generated option). If HD-viewing is an option, select that for best resolution.

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Featured in Video:

Cuff-Down Child Socks:–child

Hiirnaqtuq Socks:

Night Walk Socks:

Love Note Sweater:

Toe-Up Socks on 9″ Circulars:

Arboreal Sweater:

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Stefanie N
Stefanie N
3 months ago

Hi Steph. What a wonderful trip you had to Taiwan. The cute socks made me smile and your husband has a great taper fade. All the comfort food looked good. I really like the Paintbox Yarns you used for your daughter and the one you're using for your Lovenotes sweater is like a unicorn! I'm good here. Been knitting while watching K-dramas.

Little Lionhead Knits
Little Lionhead Knits
3 months ago

Aw, that’s so special that your daughter will have a weeks worth of hand knit socks! Your pure joy shawl is going to be so pretty, that third color blends so well with the other two. Can’t wait to see how it knits up! 🤗❤️

Antonia Strübig
Antonia Strübig
3 months ago

Thanks for another great and inspiring episode! I love Taiwan and Boba tea so this was perfect before starting the new week 🙂

3 months ago

That is my absolute fave way to work socks – two at a time concurrently on 9”circs. Enjoy your Pure Joy. It’s aptly named!

Mary Nolan
Mary Nolan
3 months ago

Lovely. Thanks for sharing your trip at the end!

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