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Election 2020: Clarifying SOPs and Looking at the Data

This is an informal recording I did alongside Michael Philander. Michael is a biologist who studied at the University of Guyana and I’m a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. We hold no partisan ties or loyalty. We’re both young Guyanese who are very interested in Guyanese politics and its future direction. We recognize that Guyanese politics needs to evolve along good ethics and character to become a better nation.

In this clip we discuss Statements of Polls and the issues surrounding GECOM regarding these. We demonstrate that anyone can falsify SOPs produced by any political party including GECOM by looking at the SOP copies posted at Polling Stations.

We are both very disappointed in GECOM as a democratic institution and political representatives who endorse the dubious results of GECOM. We condemn their vile attempt to conceal the truth from the Guyanese public by engineering misleading and dangerous tactics that promote further instability in Guyanese society.

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