Emmanuel Macron On Russian Interference, The Menace Of Terrorism, The Paris Settlement & Extra | TIME

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Jennifer Cuddy

Yeah right, whatever…liar!


You shall take thy coronation, and not speak unwise one. We anointed thou, now carry out that promise and keep it.

Jean-Marie Ricci

This guy is Obama junior ! watch https://youtu.be/dAqK_Zcry6g


Macron is smart leader.
Macron > Putler

Gentlemen Of Fortune

The terrorism that the Left in Europe does nothing about?

Гарри Б.

Such a smart guy. France made the right choice.

Ali Sadet
je ai fait un petit résumé de tout ce que les intellectuels de la politique sont capables de faire pour que vous alliez dans le sens de leurs intérêts : – mécanisme pavlovien en psychologie Le conditionnement classique s'effectue lorsqu'un stimulus neutre ( individu dénigrer que les médias et la classe dominante n'aiment pas ) est associé à un stimulus inconditionnel (personne qui est considérée comme dangereuse par tous le pen ) . Le stimulus inconditionnel déclenche automatiquement une certaine réponse : la réponse inconditionnelle ( ne jamais voter pour le "fachisme"). Puis, en présentant de façon régulière et fréquente… Read more »
GR. Hollman

Please turn the volume up next time. Thank You

Tbird Decatur
This is he you have started the last president of the world the world the world one last president the only president of the 🌎 when am I applying that I am not saying. put your faith in God because it is truly the time in history that prophecy is being fulfilled World War 3 have already started in your mind do not lose your mind connect back to GOD ASAP before you sleep the time is yesterday the hour is now the minute has passed but you still breathe the door will close don't be a fool commit back… Read more »
Iraj Poladchang

the real Zionist poppet the hidden hands has been give yo France. he show us how stooped and has no values , just won more
waterboy runs for NWO .


I think I like the French pressident better then my own prime minister. Get your act together Trudeau.


a real Zionist.


you are a sac of shit durf macaroni you are not a man of his promises and resposability with the first suit case of dollars offered to you you ran to Zionist daddy trump and his filthy son in law you are going to be a shame to French nation for sure

andrew worley

When Macron said "and you have some other countries, and some of them are our partners." That is a reference to the Saudi Arabia and other US allies that also do not have our values.

Momo Enn

smart young guy, love him.