Ending the war in Syria: ‘We do not want the Gaddafi scenario’

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Dr Bassma Kodmani, co-founder of think tank the Arab Reform Initiative, is part of the delegation of the democratic opposition in the Geneva peace talks on Syria. She says that for Syrians like herself the solution to the war is simple. “It requires a full political transition. A security plan. A plan for the rule of law.” Kodmani says what is then needed is a new constitution, as well as free and fair elections monitored by the UN.
“Assad will have to go at some point in an orderly manner. No one is saying go and kill him in his palace. We do not want the Gaddafi scenario”, Syrian academic and opposition figure Dr Bassma Kodmani told FRANCE 24, referring to the lynching of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.
Kodmani says the battle for Idlib province, the last large rebel stronghold, could be “not just the last but the worst or most difficult” chapter of the conflict to date, adding that it needs to be linked to a political solution. “We will be paying a price for years if Idlib is to have a military solution. There is no military solution that the world can handle,” she explained.

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