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ENG SUB | A Splendid Life in Beijing – Episode 35 [Zhang Jiayi, Che Xiao]

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Synopsis **********
On April 26, 1970, the third boy (Guo Jinglin) of the Guo family in Beijing’s Hutong was born. However, in a slapstick, Big Brother (Jiang Wu) but lost his knife with a knife to the neighbor’s older son David directly stabbed his brother paid for their actions.
After being released from prison, big brother experience another trough of life, decided to abandon everything, go alone to the prairie. Brother (Zhang Jia Yi) from the initial sale of green bean sprouts to start doing business, from the business apparel factory to invest in stocks, repeated defeats, repeated defeats. His insistence for business just as much about his mind to Miss Er. After graduating, the third directly devoted himself to the stock market. Under the leadership of his master, he continued to grow and finally became independent. Once, he fell into two feelings can not choose, and ultimately go alone to Hainan. Youngest fourth son (Qu Zheming) suffering from congenital asthma, stuttering. In order not to drag the family, exercise themselves, hard tongue twisters and crosstalk, eventually becoming a postman, but also because of this job, find his true love.
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