Erica Hill on CBS: three New Accusers Allege Sexual Harassment By Charlie Rose. #EricaHill #CharlieRose

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7 Comments on "Erica Hill on CBS: three New Accusers Allege Sexual Harassment By Charlie Rose. #EricaHill #CharlieRose"

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Sexual harassment and sexual predators are everywhere but particularly well populated in the entertainment and media industries.

Fast Eddie 95

Erica is such a class act.  Great reporter.  Beautiful woman.

Roger Clemons
When I was in elementary school,  my friend lived across the street in a small house. The first floor was a kitchen,  living room two bedrooms and bathroom.  He would often invite me over, to watch TV or play some board games , in the summer.  His mother was a nurse who was often home and would take her morning bath around 10 AM.  The bathroom was in one corner of the house and her bedroom in another. She had to walk from the bathroom to her bedroom by going past the living room.  She would take her bath, and then… Read more »
Beverly Huttinger

Erica Hill is not that great looking, sorry! She has scars and lines all over her face.

D Storm

But why do any of these young women think they are on TV? Many men are brighter and better educated, and could do their "jobs" better, but those men are not attractive telegenic chicks.


Power has no gender. If you give power to these women they will act the same.


thank you Erica your words are spot on! i am able to cry my held sadness,