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Factorio [0.17] – Rail World Ep. 10 – Now feat. actual rails!

“Only” 10 episodes in and we finally have trains in our train map! How exciting! Lots of learning incoming.
We’re back with more Factorio [0.17]! We’ve launched our first rocket on our Rich Resource map, and now we’re going to learn what trains are all about in a Vanilla (no mods) Rail World map.

In all my playthroughs thus far I have never made a robust railroad network, so this will be my attempt to learn to do so. Our end goal is to have some nice trains set up by the time we launch our rocket.

Factorio is a fantastic game developed by Wube Software in which your goal is to build a factory in whatever way you please. Mine resources, engineer processes to create products, and work your way towards building that rocket to get off the alien world.

You can learn more about the game and purchase it on the main website ( or find it on steam.

These videos come from when I played live on my twitch channel ( If you’d like to catch me live, feel free to stop by! I stream everyday at midnight CT.

Thanks for watching!

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