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7 Comments on "Fallen Navy Seal’s Father slams Trump for approving the deadly raid in Yemen He additionally refused to fulfill"

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Mary Uhlik

Maybe trump was mad cause that country didn't want a trump hotel or golf course… So he raid them…. just a thought…


Trump, Killer of Ryan Owens.

John Townsend

Where is congressman Gowdy of Benghazi notoriety? This Yemen incident
is just another case of bungled US military action that the GOP went after with a vengeance with seven separate Benghazi investigations ultimately going nowhere. Has the GOP lost its penchant for wasting millions in taxpayer dollars on such misadventures? Is the spectacle of trump enduring 11 hours of gruelling Gowdy questioning not alluring enough?

Michael SAcco

he's responsible for this mans death and should be taken out of office for much more than that

Mary G

It has been reported that Trumped authorized bad raid ONLY because he was told that Obama wouldn't have had the stones to do it. Our people knew something was wrong before landing and Trump should have pulled them to safety ASAP. But that would have hurt fake Trump's fake image of himself.

Anthony W

Fake grieving father.Sad

Miki Seius

Yea! One American SOLDIER was killed here! Why couldn't we just keep bombing civilians like before?? That way my son would still be alive, and some worthless brown kids could have died in his place!