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Fantastic quizzes and how to build them

Watch the Q&A session:

– iSpring QuizMaker:
– How to convert a published presentation into an .exe file –
– Importing Questions from Excel –


You’ve been asking about how to create quizzes a lot, so guess what? We’ve made a new practical webinar where you’ll learn to create beautiful quizzes with iSpring fast and easy!

During the webinar, you will see how to create:

– A simple true/false quiz to check learners’ knowledge
– A quiz with customized feedback to help learners master a topic
– Drag-and-drop activity that can be both an evaluation tool and a fun way to learn

Bonus: We’ll also show you some hidden iSpring tricks, such as how to shuffle quiz questions and publish a quiz to SCORM format.

By the end of the webinar, you should be able to build three types of interactive quizzes and publish them online. If you don’t have an iSpring license, it’s okay: the trial version will do!

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