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February 24, 2020: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

On the eve of Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget address, Senate President Steve Sweeney agrees to a millionaire’s tax if Murphy puts a billion dollars into the pension system.
Murphy will be delivering his budget address after announcing doctors have discovered a tumor on his kidney. A new water basin is being built that could catch 2 million gallons of water runoff in Hoboken. It could totally change the flooding problems in the city. Plus, it’s arguably the only kind of music you can feel in your bones before the first notes hit your ears: drumline. And, Monmouth University’s first collegiate class based on the board of Long Branch, the Philosopher of Freehold, the Boss himself.

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Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton
4 months ago

Once upon a time in the City of New York, if one was ‘accused’ of killing a policeman and wanted to give themselves up, they would only present their unblemished body in the accompany of a religious leader or a journalist or both, to ensure they had not been brutalized by proven comparison while in custody, that is just how honorable the profession of journalist once was. That was then, this is now, who knows by what code current journalists practice their profession by, all hair dyed and wigged, seemingly willing to misrepresent their appearance all for a buck, and… Read more »

Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton
4 months ago

Yesterday while watching some afternoon television, the
program was interrupted with some breaking news delivered by one of those
little girl-like, blond dye head, greasy lipped, all too common television
journalists, I stopped, immediately tuned to CNN hoping to find the same story delivered
by a gray-haired veteran of broadcast news oozing with competency, and not so much
Hollywood glamour, after all its ‘news’ I’m after not some ‘puffed up’, engaged
in ceremonies…

Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton
4 months ago

At first I thought it was an American thing, however, my
recent international research confirms its worldwide, female journalists
appearing on television must be displayed with long eyelashes, greasy red pouting
lips, trashy looking with a youngish motif, and a must on occasion, synthetically
haired, as for the males of the species, teenage looking even right up into their
eighties will do just fine, is also becoming a must.

4 months ago

lovely stuff

Bass Town Ncs
Bass Town Ncs
4 months ago


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