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Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan. Louder With Crowder and Tom Woods.

Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan. Louder With Crowder and Tom Woods.

This ACU Show consists of 2 selections featuring Prof. Karen Straughan.

Segment 1- The Tom Woods Show. Are Men the Oppressors and Women the Oppressed?

The heroic Karen Straughan returns to the show to throw cold water on the cartoonish images of an oppressive patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and the usual kit and kaboodle, and finds that feminists, far from advancing equality, can consistently be relied upon to push double standards. 14 Jun 2019.

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International Conference on Men’s Issues 2019

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Toxic Masculinity & TOXIC FEMININITY

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Segment 2- Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan. Louder With Crowder


So much win from Karen Straughan. Watch the extended cut at her channel…

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