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Fight White Genocide Podcast #9: House Judiciary Committee Anti-white Inquisition Part 1

The crew discuss the April 9, 2019 House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism.

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2:13 Ken quoted on Vox
3:07 Jeff quoted in the Washington Post
3:52 Kristen Clarke complaining about Facebook page “It’s Okay to Be White”
4:40 Letter to Facebook from the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights trying to argue that separatism is supremacy
5:24 Chat scroll begins
6:04 Anti-whites assume white superiority
8:34 Spotted Owl Supremacy?
8:46 Senate Hearing Preserve Wildlife
9:27 Ted Cruz tells Facebook they can be sued
10:23 Facebook asking for a law to clarify what they can and can’t do
11:46 Going on offense, Candace Owens
12:15 Our tactics vs standard tactics
12:58 Never feel you have to justify your basic rights or desires
16:07 What white privilege?
16:40 We weren’t allowed to give our side, this was a sentencing hearing, not a trial
17:56 Whom do you believe, the people calling for censorship or the people calling for free speech?
18:10 Anything governments REQUIRE you to believe is a lie
18:43 ONLY Congressman McClintock defending free speech
19:34 Publicity
20:18 McClintock’s speech defending free speech
24:36 Reaction to McClintock’s speech
26:17 Censorship stifles creativity
27:30 Whites need spokespeople
27:50 Nadler saying “Anti-hate is a code word for anti-white”
29:07 Trevor Noah promoting #WhiteGenocide
29:26 Daily Show clip
30:17 Anti-whites are our best recruitment tool
31:01 We plant seeds, changing public opinion
33:40 Political Correctness is a Religion, this hearing is an inquisition
36:10 Cuban Crocodile, saving subspecies from extinction through interbreeding
37:38 Donation
38:24 Our method works
39:49 Their words will be used against them
40:08 Objections to this hearing, establishing the Religion of Political Correctness
41:33 Extremist
43:37 This sentencing hearing is an anti-white hate crime
44:10 Statistics
45:38 Forced diversity causes violence
46:43 Those who want censorship wants violence
43:53 Terrorist plot thwarted
48:31 Tucker cucked
48:57 Big anti-white
50:24 Nadler’s opening remarks
52:23 Preamble to the Constitution, Our white nationalist roots, Nadler thinks the First Amendment was a mistake
53:57 Is race actual or perceived?
55:07 More multiracialism=more conflict
56:26 Statistics
1:01:42 Charlottesville
1:03:42 Outsourcing censorship
1:05:46 University censorship, withhold federal funds, revoke tax-deductible status
1:06:40 There is no white supremacy (except by anti-whites), is Nadler inciting hate?
1:08:07 Access to white people is a human right?
1:10:17 Anti-white violence
1:12:24 Censorship leads to violence, Kennedy quote
1:14:00 Perception vs reality
1:15:50 Consistent anti-whitism
1:16:46 Great Replacement, anti-whitism is reality, we blame anti-whites not non-whites
1:19:50 Definition of genocide
1:20:45 Who thought taking power would be easy?
1:26:23 Dangerous speech?
1:27:16 We are deradicalizing, not radicalizing
1:28:05 The Judiciary Committee wants more violence, we want less violence
1:29:30 Charlottesville hearing and other hearings
1:33:00 Republicans are controlled opposition
1:34:10 They can’t refute us
1:36:34 Nadler sums up the whole hearing
1:38:06 Division
1:39:32 Denial
1:42:28 Statistics, negative effects of diversity, solutions
1:43:27 Diverse panel of anti-whites, token nationalist a zionist

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Tim Mill
Tim Mill
1 year ago

Excellent job guys! Great production.

Cecil Henry
Cecil Henry
1 year ago

Reupload on other channels and Bitchute!!

John Lemon & The Sourtones
John Lemon & The Sourtones
1 year ago

The only reason the anti White Narrative is tolerated is bc of anti White propaganda completely Brainwashing the Sheepwalkers…

Many ppl keep silent as well due to Social consequences.. we need to wake ppl up… I can't believe ppl are so stupid to buy into anti Whitism… are they?

1 year ago

Wow, they quarantined your last two vids. I guess I should anticipate my comment getting wiped here too! What in the WORLD is quarantinable about your discussions? These people are SICK!!!!

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