Floyd Mayweather Sides w/ Donald Trump? #CongratulationsYouPlayedYourself

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Dante Robertson

Why are we taking social, cultural, political and economics advice from untalented opinionated radio personalities, activist, journalists and college and university professors. What the hell happened to thinking for yourself and not just following the Jones.


if youre going to hate someone at least know who you hate quote of the year

michael farrell

Yea, it's white people that are falling apart bahaha What planet are these retards living on?


Laura styles sound stupid when she insinuated that conor made monkey comments toward floyd. I believe he was talking about his security. Who are WHITE!!!!

A Unique Disposition
I think that Trump is right. And is speaking from a wealthy individual view. If you are rich and famous, certain types of women will allow you to get away with varies forms of sexual assault. For instance, …if Chris Brown was to walk up behind a random sister and kissed her. She more than likely would be startled but quickly pleasantly surprised to see that it was Chris Brown. Or in a gym Zach Effron touch a woman on the ass as she is doing squats. More than likely she would be ok with it when she turns around.… Read more »
tyler saint germaine

They find the WORST STORY. Just to portray white people as bad its old brother its played out this whole white people are evil bullshit


I really wish I could watch the entire show on here. Listening every day on the podcast is great but nothing like watching your body language. It is the best! I love you guys!!! And Laura you're NOT a guru. Don't ever play yourself!! Sike just kidding represent for the ladies boo 😘 #Maryland #bywayofMiami

Maggie Marriott

These are the stupidest group of people I have ever heard. These idiots are a bunch of racist that keep our country divided


Yall stupid

Jervis Bowles

I don't even know why many of these radio shows frontin' to be black,
When all their commentator are either,
White, Latinos, or mixed mulatto half-breeds.
So please stop sayin' your BLACK,
Cause your asses are NOT,
Just say what the fuck you are,
White, Latinos, or mixed mulatto half-breeds. NOT Black.

Ladale Nesmith
Funny how this liberal Jew, Rosenberg always wanna speak on black issues and tell black ppl what they should be offended by especially when it comes to Donald Trump but he has an issue with black ppl supporting a fellow black man because he supports Trump over the white counterpart who called the black man "boy" which I as a black man took no offense to because I don't feed into race bait. Let this be a lesson to all ppl of color out there, the faces in the media (predominantly white) will always try to tell you how to… Read more »
Tj Caldwell

Ebro is a Idiot


Donkey of the day beats wackass "congratulations you played youself"

Hunter Pope

Fuck hot 97

1010 Messi

Fuck me Americans don't talk about anything but race. Thank fuck I don't live in your shit country.

chantelle jepson
Just come out and say it Floyd only the beta males that are "above"this kind of locker room talk are the ones who don't get pussy! Either that or they're straight up liars! This talk was also10yrs ago he wasn't even thinking of running then also this was a private conversation that was illegally taped it was a hot mic! How come noone is outraged that a private US citizen was being spyed on!? Like WTF! Also not1of you have the moral high ground2be calling Trump or Mayweather out of their names! You keep talking Trump and Mayweather will keep… Read more »

Stop playing that fucking recording every couple of seconds you retards

Unathi Dyani

These people are trolls though. McGregor called the buff bodyguards "[juice head] monkey". Come on.

Bob Jay

How is Floyd a piece of trash cause he rich smh

kev 2017

I can't believe they still think conor was racist saying boy lol , I get what it might "mean" in America but let's be honest he said boy not the n word and in the UK and Ireland boy means boy as , it's not a way of being racist