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Forecast Business Growth and Cashflow with this Excel Financial Model (Download Template)

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Section explanation timestamps below for easy navigation:
00:00 Introduction
00:14 Model for New and Existing businesses
01:05 Fonts usage in the model, which font colour represents what?
03:19 Key KPI Cards
03:32 Sales growth modelling explained: Selective or Linear
08:00 Cost of Sales modelling
13:37 Direct other costs linked to cost of sales in the model
14:13 Gross Profit and GM%
14:47 Indirect overheads or operating overheads explained
16:15 Finance Costs on LOC and Bank Loan and Depreciation Expenses
16:33 Net Profit and NP%
16:41 Introduction to Cashflow Statement based on Direct Method
16:56 Direct method of Cashflow starts with Cash collection from customers, how to model for max cash flow in the period
19:42 Payments to suppliers explained and its modelling for max cash flow in the period
21:52 Overheads and Finance cost payments modelling
24:32 Important KPI Explained: Cashflow conversion (OCF/Net Profit Ratio)
25:12 Other Cashflow Inflow and outflow modelling (Fixed assets and Financing)
26:28 Schedules explained: Equity and Loans schedule
28:16 Trade Finance or Line of credit or Bank Overdraft schedule explained
30:54 Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedule explained
34:33 Indirect method of Cashflow statement and Balance Sheet modelling
36:38 Both cashflow methods KPIs must be matching (Direct v Indirect Cashflow methods)
38:27 Various Error and Control checks to keep model sanity in check
39:03 Explaining Existing Business’s model (same as a new business model as structure)
39:59 Ranges sheet explained (supporting worksheet)
40:57 Dashboards and Charts explained
46:01 Circular referencing and why you MUST not use it
46:51 Model’s stress testing and checking various scenarios and outcome model produces
50:50 How to get this model?

In this video you will see an amazing Financial Model to forecast Income, Cost of sales, Net Profit and Cashflow for small to medium-sized business for a short term (one year)!

This model is quite unique in the way it is designed, it is simple to use yet it can produce powerful results in the form of many scenarios for your business performance over a year time

This model can be used to present your business plan Infront of prospective Investor, venture capitalist, a banker to obtain the necessary funding to expand and grow your dream business
This model is an ideal tool for new business or startups, existing small to medium-sized businesses in many sectors and industries, for example:
• FMCG – Fast moving consumer goods like electronics goods (Trading)
• Restaurant business
• Consulting business
• Online store/e-commerce business
• Any kind of seasonal businesses (where some months have more sales growth than others in a year)
• Any other small to medium-sized businesses

Following Key KPIs can be forecasted for any business with this model:
• Sales and Revenue (with growth type: linear or selective), this is also perfect for any seasonal business model as well
• Cost of goods sold and Gross Profit for each of your product (linear or selective)
• Direct other costs
• Inventory balances (for trading business which has inventories)
• Net Profit
• And most importantly Cashflow performance

And if you are dealing with seasonal business, this model lets you forecast monthly sales quite accurately to manage the impact of seasonal sales (up and down)

Same as sales growth, you can also predict gross profit and cost of goods sold for each of your product either with linear or selective growth % values

Cash is king in any business and it’s THE most important resource for any business to go on for a long time.

Guess What? this model lets you model key factors and indicators affecting cashflow as follows:
• Cash collections from your customer – How much credit you should give to your customers for each of your product to ensure that you don’t run out of cash
• Cash collection prediction becomes even more crucial when you have a seasonal business model, this model lets you predict and forecast your cash collections when your sales are really high or its really low through the year
• Cash payments to your suppliers – suppliers are as important as customers, how you should negotiate with your suppliers to give you optimum credit (in days) to ensure overall cash position of your business is always positive

So what are you waiting for? Click the links above to get this model right now!
You will get full support (one time) for me to set up this model for your business.

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