Forecasts: Photo voltaic Flares and Hurricanes | S0 Information Sept.18.2017

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Richard Smith

I don't know if I would use the term "Dark Energy", its dark, in the eyes of perception, only because of the vastness that it surrounds. How about, Electro-Magstatic Resonance, E.M.R.?, sounds cooler, and probably more politically correct.


We are finally getting dribbles of rain here in the northwest. It has been so dry and smokey. So much so that breathing can get difficult. It is nice to finally get a whiff of fresh air. Rain is the only thing that really cleans the air. I have missed it so much.


Are there any angles of the sun that are not observed?

Marie Devine
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ryan P M


Rick rictim eishort

Hi,have you noticed the chrome mercury looking dust coming from the skies????Have a good day..heads up..all of Pittsburgh is covered..


Why are hurricanes pushed west during sunspot activity?

Louis Philip

Everyone watching daily knows deep down inside where they are scared to look that we are going through some perilous times, that no one wants to talk about, so you chit chat about the weather and such to avoid the real subject which will have to be dealt with sooner  or later !


I guess I will enjoy this last week of S.O. as Sept. 23rd is almost here. LOL

sarana dd
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julien tousignant

Good Morning !@!

neal glisson
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Dániel Szőcs

"If sunspots are driving up the x-ray count … the westward tracks to these storms should be heavily favored…"

I am very green to the topic, but what is the connection here? What is the mechanism?
I understand charged particles from solar activities (CMEs from sunspots) help cloud formation (like in a cloud chamber) but still I am missing some links… Any clues?

Daryl C Mills

There is a lot of rethinking needed – don't just follow our 4 main laws of physics – we are still missing 2 and when quantum is understood then we rewrite science totally.


Hi, I really like your channel.
Could you comment on why Maria has gone to Cat 5 without any correlated solar activity?

First Last

Went back through to ckeck on a comment and it's been deleted…. apparently 80 and sunny for the next ten days in Ohio doesn't agree with him…

Kevin McCarthy

Hey Ben,

Whats the physical process you think connects the flares with rapid intensification of hurricanes? I noticed Maria went from 1-5 in no time with a convienent major flare aligning off the backside of the sun. Do you think this is magnetic energy transfer?

John Otter

"MY peanut!…" -Jack Sparrow's soul


Why do you point to the 2006 figures when the year 2017? Do it in order, yes. Otherwise, I consider your channel to be serious, and proceed further. Just be careful what to say. Please excuse grammar, I use google translator. Just go on.

Sean Reinhardt

Ben! That sun spot is due to face earth again 4-5 days. That's around 9/23/17 which Christian people are saying the the end of the world based on numerical stuff in the Bible. 😩😫😟😟

Matt Reed

Just watching bbc4 in UK, dangerous earth. interesting documentary about auroras.

Tobi  Wheeler

Hope you haven't jinxed us with that kermedic trench comment!

Anonymous 2017
Everything is wonderful, the day is wonderful, the sun is wonderful, radiation grows flowers and it too, is wonderful. Nothing strange going on around the planet folks, your government is good, all storms are normal reactions to solar upticks during this solar minimum. Eyes open (except you only brought up a fraction of reality), No Fear,(Because if you aren't scared, you wont protect yourself). Ben, is it odd that I find your channel, your family, one of the most disturbing and unnerving of all of youtube? Or am I eerily accurate? I'm sorry, I really tried not to watch another… Read more »