Former DNI James Clapper’s Response to Pres. Trump’s Assaults on The Press. #FactsFirst #JamesClapper

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5 Comments on "Former DNI James Clapper’s Response to Pres. Trump’s Assaults on The Press. #FactsFirst #JamesClapper"

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Mikael Holmgren

Dictator TRUMP!

Jim Battersbee
Trump is, successfully in my view, dismantling Americas institutions, just as he and Bannon said they would. The USA is well on the way to becoming a fascist state, no surprise really given your disgusting history. The media are doing nothing, The people are like lemmings. The constitution is a joke. The country is finally being exposed for what it really is, a fascist shithole.I find it funny that when push came to shove, all the blather about the "RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS" was just more American bullshit! All you really want to do is shoot each other, the billionaires… Read more »
Eoin Tolster

Two liars talking together about how another liar lied. Your attacks on the free press would only count if you didn't fucking lie or omit things all the time. I hope all you lying media broadcasters get fired. Oh for the former NSA bald twit, he set back the institutions of democracy and privacy. Didn't he help.put edward Snowdon and others away. What cunts

Kema Cosmas

The press have freedom of speech and the president dont have freedom of speech. Are you kidding? The press can demean and castigate the president and expect the president not to fight back. Boy!! The press is losing the fight..

roy causton

Thank God for the TRUTH … Seeing Trump Destroy his own country ..from afar has bed SAD to see but strangely entertaining in its MADNESS … ie … a Tax INCREASE for the RICH and the poor and Middle class pay for it … WOW … Screwing the bottom 80% of the people …