Fox Information Sunday with Chris Wallace 9/three/17

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Steve Cousins

Judge Jeanine's lips are sexy, so sexy! I can only dream of those luscious full lips, they look like little suction cups! They would caress! They would flagellate and coagulate and irrigate! Oh those wet and irreverent lips! No, not even an angel has spouts as protruding! That pouting labellum. Those high cheek bones drawn in like a bellows. Lost in her lipid and sensual opennings.

William Garside

Attack from N.Korea on the horizon, Time for China to rein in this crazy idiot, or the U.S. will act to defend the country.

William Garside

Time to enforce the law, not continue with Obama who sidestepped the law.

A Moss

fuck the illegal dreamers…lets start taking care of legal real Americans…

Kim Anh Tran

The most danger thing is behind North Korea is Communists China they control North Korea!
Can't believe China they are the Evil for the whole wide world!

just amazed

Marie Harf is a heartless want to be elite I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing 100's of thousands go to bed hungry each night in America. Oh sorry she is a member of the poverty pimping democrats who are only worried about self enrichment. If she was my daughter I would be ashamed of her…