France: Court docket orders closure of halal grocer

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26 Comments on "France: Court docket orders closure of halal grocer"

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Cyber Space

Good! Now you just have to kick them all out of your country.

Catoosa Dawg

Time for the brown, black and yellow people to go back to their countries. Then rope the traitors and remove the JEW…

Jesus Or Muhammad

See here how it works. We have to bend over backwards half the time to make muslims and migrants feel included, and we must always think of their needs and sensitivities, but they don't do the same, certainly not at that store. Other peoples have needs to, but if it goes against Islam then equality, no discrimination, thinking of needs of others, human rights etc etc go all out the window. We adapt to them but Islam does not adapt to anyone. This is one example.


Another example of how many European heavy-handed governments can't get it right. Instead of controlling immigration or enforcing the law (like not allowing prayer to block the streets), or protecting people or their own cops against Antifa thugs and terrorists, they start meddling with corner grocery stores. Now it will become a story about incompetent government and the whole point will be missed.

john hansberry

if you don't like the rules I'm sure there are one way tickets available to other countries that will cater to your requirements.

gregory scarpino


Frank Lee

It's ironic that France probably has double the UK's mohammedan population in percentage terms, yet has a much greater chance of surviving as a cohesive nation and culture, thanks to actions such as this. I can't think of a single politician in Britain who would even dream of doing this. It guts me to say anything positive about the arrogant cheese-eating soap-dodgers, but credit where it's due!


Great news!
Now they need to order the closure of all mosques in France!!!

Evilkittyof doom

Hope he doesn't have explosive personality…

mike brown

Hahahaha muslim trash f##k off you are like a cancer and you will soon die of Western diseases and good job too…….

cointoss election

a real muslim grocery store owner will never sell pork. Not sure what happened here but it appears most of the customers were muslims.

H.J. Indy Nuding

Good, is all I have to say to this.
It's about time that "Politicians" stand up against Islam, even if it's through the back-door.
At least it's a START.

Tim Rudisill

Ya gotta love it: The law is the law …until, eh? Ha!

John Oneil

No it’s not discriminatory too close shop ,it is discrimination that they only serve halal ( with all the murders that Muslims commit under the banner of jihad you would want to drink and have a nice bacon sandwich)


Funny how they are pissed when the shoe is on the other foot!

Sue Wood

Yet our schools serve halal meat and so do the fast food chains giving us no choice other than to boycott them. Check their websites for obfuscation on the matter, but a phone call will get the truth, especially if you tell them you are recording the call.


The weird thing is they drink like fish.


It makes sense that because their food shouldn't be in the same room as ours then they themselves should be deported. There they can have halal food and we can have lives without their jihad.

Pet Charles

The issue here is they want to use PUBLIC PROPERTY to conduct ISLAMIC business. Thats the issue. If he bought his own property and opened his store it would not be a problem. But he cannot convert a secular space to an Islamic space regardless of how many people buy there.

Gerrit van Wijk

Great win. For the animals as well.

Old white guy

I’m sure she’s now being attacked


If they don't like it they can fuck off back to the shit holes from whence they came

f j

Si le permis stipule une épicerie générale, alors effectivement, c'est de la discrimination. Imaginer toutes les petites épiceries qui deviennent halal dans un rayon de 10km, vous êtes foutus.


am I dreaming did they just tell a muslim that the muslim is wrong

Nanzer S

Boycott kebab (* normal people did from the beginning….now more see the light…)

Kaczeka Osh