France rating from SBW BRAIN EXPLOSION – EOYT ’17

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France went all the way down to the All Blacks of their Finish of 12 months Tour this previous weekend. However within the course of, one of the crucial gorgeous performs of the sport (or the 2017 …


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Byron Brown

Give the guy a break he's never on the wing lol plus you have to be certain that the person was going to score which is bs but he was the best player on the feild on the first half lol

Michael Kaegi

ref got it spot on. Sonny Bill COULD have catched the ball, but since he did not, its of no relevance. He killed the action illegally, the only question therefore is if the french attacker was in position to catch the ball if the infringement didn't happen. Which he was.

King Kong ding aling

Sbw still the man let your haters hate keep on keeping on haha


Definitely a penalty try according to the rule where the player committing the offense is completely discounted from the play. I don't really agree with that rule though anyway. Regardless of whether or not sonny bill offended, he was there and no try would've been scored. That needs to be looked at

fakatoga tagitaulupe

The kiwi effect from Tonga

Sanjiva Tennekoon

Stupid play. Was in front of french player and could have caught ball. SWB defence and attack good but once in awhile his grey matter lets him down.


Do you know why SBW has brown eye's? It because he is full of SHIT

T McDonald

Thats just unlucky for him after all these years of playing rugby league. But other than that MATE MAA TONGA!!! 😂🇹🇴🇹🇴

jackal fox

France play poor rugby

April-Tui Buckley

Big deal. Honestly, why is everyone overreacting. DAN CARTER DID IT!!! Hello! Shit happens. There were 12 penalties in that game, none from him and some errors from Beauden and Mackenzie that were crucial too putting us under pressure. Nobody cares about all the good work Sonny did apart from this one mistake. Honestly….

Toueak Salie

Disagree , not a penalty try.
French would not have been able to score the try.

James Tom

Hansen needs to move on from SBW. Dudes due for retirement