France suggests new missile-related sanctions towards Iran

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France says the European Union might impose new sanctions on Iran over its defensive missile program. A spokeswoman for the French International Ministry mentioned …


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Lada Riva

But saudis bombing people in yemans cool….

Alvin Gabriel

Wow the wicked west elites can't help but show the world their true colours?

Bam Bamo

All these internal attacks in france on french citizens failed to teach the french who the real enemy is…they should be more concerned about their internal security instead of babbling about the rest of the world. Fix ur house first. On top of that, it was this french prez who reported lebanese prime minister hariri is having a good time in saudi and under no house arrest whatsoever. The irony though

Pemi Dato

Rothschild French apprentices come to Israelis aid after all. Do we need to act surprise now?

Kent Lawson

kim and iran to send missile up macrons ass

Loke Baldersbane

Macron, bankster without conscience and for sale. What a the nasty Saudis (Israelis) paying him for this one? Hopefully the French have dusted off the guillotine on his return – nah, just joking, let him rot in jail.

Sami Evans

This French little shit will cause huge problems for France and the general public of the whole country. He will learn the hard way that having a high position is responsibility not power.

Elvis is still the King
Elvis is still the King

France will suggest the opposite when on visite in Iran. France diplomacy is the absence of any position and just signing over billion € deal. France economy is in big big trouble.

Think ppl Think ppl

The west is so corrupt it make me sick ….taking the bribe from those Saudi Sunni piece of shit ….

Roham Pasha

Inshallah Europe will be destroyed by Takfiris within the coming decades


All of these so called leaders went against Trump and the people of USA who don't want this agenda they dreamed up. Now they back track. Losers.

Kiumars Gurani

Freach eat frogs. Any one that trusts the French is supper stupid. France was the main supporter of Saddam during the 8 years war of Persian-Filthy Arab war. French have proven to be the enemies of Persians. Death to French and Arabs and Jews and Turks. Long live PERSIANS


It is very risky for the Rouhani administration to do business with a Zionist slave entity like France and its companies.
The Iranians should have known this and now they are finding out. It is like permitting the Mossad inside your kitchen, poisoning your food. I hope they understand that at some point their assets in Europe will be confiscated, especially if they keep them in France. And if they are smart they`ll clean out their accounts in Europe immediately.

naveed khan

That's Frances stance on Iran's missiles not a stance against Saudis evil killing on the poor nation of Yemen!!

Michelle Maher

Who would've guessed which way the 'French Poodle' was going to bark…? 🐩
France is one of the countries who support the Western International Terrorism Network aka ISIS and whatever name they go by today.
'The more US engages in war on terror, the more terrorists it produces'

terefe feyssa

This is the typical character of France officials. They betray when They think the time is right for Them. They did it to Russia and now They are doing it on Iran. If one goes back to past events and see how France is behaving, This is how France is doing. France is full of betrayal history.