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So obviously you need gold in the world of warcraft. And unfortunately we're not all donald trumps of the wow auction house. If you were you probably would not be reading how to make wow gold online. Or maybe you are and you're looking for a few extra items that you can pick up or craft to make more gold online.

While buying a guide is a really good idea, and I highly recommend using one, spending $ 40 on one just seems kind of stupid. You already pay 12 – 15 dollars a month for the game, why dish out more cash to learn how to play it?

Sure you could buy gold, and when that 200 gold is gone, you have your mount, your new weapon, and then next week you're wanting a new weapon, and now need even more gold for it. So why not dish out the $ 40?

Because you can learn all the things included in those guides for free! Plus you can have the opportunity to learn more ideas / techniques than covered in them.

Okay so I'm sure by now you're wanting me to just shut up and show you where to get your gold guide so you can download it and get back to world of warcraft and start making loads of gold …

If that's you, then click the link at the page below and you're there. If you're wondering why I'd be out of my mind enough to give away a free gold guide instead of selling it, its because I feel bad for ganking you … not!

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