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Full bus journey from Hong Kong to Macau via the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

This is a video of me taking the bus from Hong Kong to Macau via the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge on a single decker coach. I went on a day trip to Macau during my Christmas break. After clearing immigration at the Hong Kong checkpoint next to the airport, I had to cross the bridge by shuttle bus. I paid HK$65 for a shuttle bus ticket and got out side to board the bus. This time, I was assigned a single decker coach. I was lucky enough to sit in the front row and held my action camera throughout the journey.

While the view is slightly restricted, you will get to watch the bus go through the Scenic Hill Tunnel, travel along the southern edge of the Hong Kong Airport Island before entering Mainland China. Afterwards, the bus entered an Undersea Tunnel before emerging on the main bridge, where there are three named bridges, the Qingzhou Bridge (青州航道橋), Jianghai Bridge (江海航道橋) and Jiuzhou Bridge (九州航道橋). There is a toll plaza on the other end of the bridge, after which there is a fork in the road to the checkpoints of Macau and Zhuhai. The bus turned left towards the Macau checkpoint and parked outside the immigration building.

I have also made a video showing how to take this bus and get to Macau for less than HK$100. Please click this link to check it out:

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Millard Iverson
Millard Iverson

Wow!! I love that bridge and can't wait until July 1st to travel it, this video is a keeper the same as the night video of crossing this beautiful bridge. Thanks for bringing us along.

Paul Singleton
Paul Singleton

My bus my bus. My coin my coin for a bus.