German far-right AfD celebrates new management duo

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James Milligan

Well, American did not win the Vietnam war, but we all in the USA are very proud of our soldiers, who gave their all when asked by the country. Bravery is bravery.

LOWE sonia

Germany should be proud what their ""NAZIE SOLDIERS"" Achieved???? IS THIS POSSIBLE? TO SAY? Flabbergasted. YOU KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.!


AFD best wishes from Ireland … well done 🙂

Jay K

Germany is really dying. Our government wants to give 6000€ to refugees, if they will leave our land voluntarily. GO AFD

Miele Rodriguez

Merkel is scum. Metaphorically I like to see her hung, drawn & quartered. Love to Afd from England.

Siegmund Czapla

Wir sind die Enkel und Söhne von der größten Verbrecher und Massenmörder in der Geschichte der Menschheit , wer das hier mit der AfD zulässt ist mitschuldig

Question Mark

What did anyone expect? Soros & co flood our shores with people we neither need nor want in our lands, and on top, they are the most violent, aggressive, demanding, ungrateful criminal murdering, robbing bunch of bastards than we have ever seen. When they pull that crap on your nation, the people revolt and you get BACKLASH. Merkel flooded not only her own bossy robbing countrymen’s homes with illegal, undocumented killers, but the homes of people in 27 other nations too. BACKLASH. Enjoy. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

AJ Naylor

"far-right?" Really still running with this?? Ever heard of Pediga the actual Nazis??


AfD should get 99% of the votes.

eurolies earning the nickname as usual.For those not familiar with eurolies rhetoric, "far-right" is their politically correct way of getting away with saying nazi. A truly filthy practice.In reality AfD is just pro-German, and that's enough for the leftist traitors to start the namecalling.See: ad hominem fallacy. As if this wasn't bad enough also notice how there's not one word about who is being violent in the streets, as usual it's the footsoldiers of the left getting arrested by the police.But that tidbit is conveniently left out of the report. The goal is to associate AfD and the "far-right" with… Read more »
A Freeman

Anything that involves the airing of free speech and factual information, criticises mass-immigration, Anti-white racism, Islam or Muslims and does not conform to the mindless Leftist Libtard narrative is labeled "Far-Right", "Fascist" and "Racist" – the most subjectively inaccurate, tired and overused epithets in the Leftist Libtard vocabulary.

Faşo Ağa

FCK afd

José Dourado

Wanna kick immigrants? Start with the Russian ones

AltNRG Account

dumb & dumber

Hunter Moore

germany is an islamic state now lol