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Germany outlaws Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah

BERLIN – Germany’s interior ministry on Thursday outlawed all of Hezbollah activities within theFederal Republic, boosting the chances of a European-wide ban on the U.S.-designated Lebanese terrorist entity. “The activities of Hezbollah violate criminal law and the organization opposes the concept of international understanding,” said the interior ministry. Also on Thursday, German police raided four Hezbollah-controlled mosque associations in Berlin, Dortmund, Bremen and Mnster. Steve Alter, a spokesman for Interior Minister Horst…

Reference from FoxNews World

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2 months ago

loved it

support line
support line
2 months ago

“Israel’s TV news magazine version of 60 Minutes, called Uvdah, profiled Eitan in the last years of his life. In a joint interview with his wife, who suffered many long periods of absence from her husband, she revealed the little-known role he played in founding Hezbollah: “She remained quiet when he disappeared for days on end in Lebanon and founded there a militant Shiite organization which, in future days would come to be Hezbollah.” No one should be surprised by this seemingly counter-intuitive development. Israel has always sought to divide its Arab enemies. When it sought to deflect the power… Read more »

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