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Governor Inslee Issues "Stay at Home" Order for Washington State I Seattle Real Estate Podcast

Washington State Governor orders lockdown statewide in Washington. All non-essential businesses are to cease operations at midnight Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

The news is moving fast these days. People are ordered to stay home, businesses are shutting down, and the coronavirus continues to infect more people.

Follow the Seattle Real Estate Podcast to keep up on whats going on in these turbulent times. We will continue to shoot a daily podcast for as long as the Stay Safe – Stay Home order is in effect.

It’s day one of Washington state’s Stay Home order. People are learning whether going to work is essential for them, and whether they need to work from home or shut the business doors.

In national news, the stock markets jumped way up again. The Dow Jones burst 11% higher, after Congress and the White House got closer to a deal to inject money into the economy,

The statewide order here in Washington means people need to stay home unless it’s essential to leave, which raises the question, when is it essential?

For personal reasons, this can include getting supplies, like going to the store, caring for someone else, medical appointments, and outdoor exercise.

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