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Gray Matters Radio Episode 73: How Bernie Can Beat The Democrats

Just to get this out of the way…read this post or better yet…actually watch my show before you message me on Twitter or Facebook! Don’t do the Russian trolls job’s for them and just read a headline and react! Now with that disclaimer out of the way…

I am still here! I thought I was going to get attacked by angry Democrats this week but I survived and lived to craft another winning message for a candidate. Super Tuesday was a game changer for the race with Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar getting out of the race and putting their support behind Biden. The guy whose campaign that was left for dead last week is suddenly leading the delegate totals. Crazy I know!

So what can Bernie do to win this primary? Well my first piece of advice is that maybe its time to listen to what moderates have been saying because as Super Tuesday’s results clearly show now you have to win moderates to get this nomination. How does he do that? Well it begins with maybe listening to our guest who happens to be a former Bernie supporter who has changed her support for this election. If you listen to why she changed her vote you see quickly that voters coalescing around Bernie has less to do with a DNC conspiracy and more to do with moderate Dems and Independents feeling belittled and devalued by Bernie and his supporters.

But have no fear I have a plan! So if you want to know the plan…you gotta listen. And don’t just listen…join the discussion and if you like the plan share with all your fellow Berners!

Instead of being part of the problem and spreading fake news, tune in to the one place you know isn’t fake….Gray Matters Radio! As always I am joined by my co-host, the Armchair QB Bill Reed to help keep me in line and firmly in the Gray. Gray Matters Radio is a proud member of the 6One4 Radio Network family of podcasts. Find this as well as all our episodes on every major podcasting platform

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