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Henry2: Video Tour of the HPC Website

Video Tour of the NCSU HPC Website
NCSU OIT Research Services, High Performance Computing (HPC), April 2019.

Originally recorded as the first HPC Hangout – Topic of the Week: How to find stuff on the HPC Website.

This 25 minute video covers the entirety of the HPC website. It serves as an introduction and basic tutorial of using the Henry2 cluster at NC State.

Topics and timestamps are as follows:
00:27 Introduction to video
00:50 Accounts and Acceptable Use Policy
01:29 Get Started: quick links and web page
02:01 Learning Linux
02:51 Logging in
04:47 Storage: usage, quotas, backup policies, and Partner storage
06:37 Transferring files: macOS/Linux, Windows, and Globus
08:31 Finding instructions for existing software and applications
09:31 User maintained software/applications
11:24 Creating batch scripts to run applications with the LSF Scheduler
12:43 Creating batch scripts to automate multiple job submissions
13:33 Parallel processing batch scripts
13:53 LSF FAQ: Why is my job still pending …?
14:20 Specifying resource requirements to LSF (memory, GPU, architecture, etc.)
15:29 Compiling – where to, how to, compute environment, and basic tips
18:36 Compute resources – news and announcements, cluster status, and node utilization
20:51 Partner Program – add your own resources
21:38 Contact Us: help tickets, mailing list, consultations, and training
23:26 Research Interest and Computing Group (RCIG) and HPC Research Symposium
24:03 Wrap up – link locations, menu bar, and site index
24:36 Conclusion and Invitation to send feedback

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