“He is a LIAR” Bernie Sanders ATTACKS Donald Trump’s “rigged” election LIES

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13 Comments on "“He is a LIAR” Bernie Sanders ATTACKS Donald Trump’s “rigged” election LIES"

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Casey Waller

CNN is crap they did nothing but talk crap about Bernie Sanders the whole time and now they're trying to force him to give them his list

David Gunter

Education and healthcare are basic needs, no idea why some America don't feel their neighbours should have these needs…


Bernie spent his entire career railing against corporate powers and politicians who are sold out to them, yet he endorsed Hillary Clinton for Preisdent who embodies all of that evil, and he has the nerve to call someone a liar? Bernie is a sellout and a hypocrite and has lost all credibility

rick payne

Bernie gets a little crazier every day 🥜

Robert Miller

what an idiotic statement! the frigging DNC was rigged against him, WTF! the DNC rigs everything that has to do with them!
and they put things in a way this say to us All Is lost if Trump do this or that or the other thing! God forbid he pick his nose wrong!
it's all bull shit!

desha henson

very fake news

Van Rozay

Bernie probably would have beaten Trump. Let's hope the next Dem candidate feels the Bern.

Fluffy Bunny

Bernie, the Democrats don't give a damn about working families, they've been bought out by corporations.

Richard Michael

Wonder how long it will take for the blue collar workers to realise they've been sold a pup. When the scales fall from their eyes about the con Trump has perpetrated on them then all I hope for them is the damage Trump can inflict in four years will be minimised by the rising opposition so he can be discarded at the next election. Trump is an unreconstructed capitalist who will sell you down the river at the expense of his friends and allies – wait and see I'm sorry to say.

Robert Sharos

Didnt bernie have the election rigged against him ? or am i confused ?

Manuel Ruta

Sanders is an idiot! Why? Because in your system, you elect a leader, and once a leader is chosen, you support the leader. That is democracy. But Sanders do not want to follow the leader. He wants to destroy the leader so that he would be the leader. That is stupidity. Allow the new leader to lead and implement his program. What is the use of election if the elected one willjust be opposed right from the start. Also, Sanders believed that he alone has the monopoly of correct ideas! That is stupidity!

Akshay Gupta

FEEL THE BERN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Nikolic

Rich are controlling masses with fear of socialism etc. And people are buying into it for decades now. Free education, healthcare … is the universal thing not socialistic. It gives same chances to all the people, not just the rich. It's installed all over the world except in America. Do you want to live in coorporate, corporate, corporate America?