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His Dark Skin Hides The Ball

– WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO – Our Thanksgiving Festivities, Getting Back on the Golf Course, Getting a Nespresso Machine, Putting Christmas Lights,

– NEWS – Shooting at Pearl Harbor, Guy Falls From a House and Dies While Hanging Lights, The Beef’s Over, How to Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates, Black Widow Movie Trailer, The Great French Fry Shortage

– BREAK – Peloton Parody

– FUCKERY/LISTENER FEEDBACK – The Peloton Controversy, Chill Gives Us a Holiday Shout Out, Man Kicks His Son Out Of His Car For Watching Gay Porno, Jay in Modesto Says Blacks Swin, Tim Ryan Says Dark Skin Helps Hide The Football, Aurora Can’t Claim Chicago, Jamie Mack of The Nononsense Show Chimes In, Wack 100 Says Nipsey Wasn’t a Legend and T.I.’s a Snitch, Fantasy Football Update.

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